About GattaGame

GattaGame (or Gatta, GG for short) is a service run by CRG Media Group for hosting web games and HTML5 games for play. Our website has well-known web games as well as existing games that CRG Media Group game studios have developed. We want to create a safe, tracker and ad-free site for all sorts of people to have fun playing games online. You won't find this anywhere else - a safe haven to play games without constant advertising.

Schools & Blocking

If you believe any of your students are accessing the site instead of doing schoolwork, we advise that instead of blocking our domain you contact us, and we will block the website during certain time periods so your students can still access the site in break time if that falls in line with your school's policy.


If you believe any intellectual property that you own is hosted on this site without permission email us. (that email isn't automated, by the way - we check it daily). We will be sure to take down any copyrighted material.